Content Creators are Our North Star

We want to leverage this space to share our learnings, provide first-handed insights, document our journey about building, & much more about this exciting era that we are at   #creatoreconomy

After being “LinkedIn public” about building with my co-founder Pedro, we are blessed to receive a number of interests and inquiries from various backgrounds e.g. content creators, startup enthusiasts, investors, etc. There are lots of fruitful conversations along with these discussions. We want to leverage this space to share our learnings, provide first-handed insights, document our journey about building, and much more about this exciting era that we are at — #creatoreconomy.

Let’s talk about content creators.

During the past years, more and more people are moving to content creation as a way of living. This is because the technological barrier has never been so low, and anyone can switch to content creation with only a smartphone. Today, anyone can follow their passions and aim to replace their 9 to 6 job by turning it into a sustainable creative business. Terms such as “digital nomad” or “travel creator” are becoming widely adopted as a way of living by more and more creators every year. Furthermore, brands are shifting their focuses to those creators as they are becoming the engine of the industry. They are normally categorized as influencers, we at call them content creators.

Recently, I was performing a number of user interviews with content creators in the travel & lifestyle space. Some of the themes that we have gathered are quite consistent.

  • They are lacking effective ways to monetize their content. It’s hard to measure the actual monetization values related to the post. This led to inequal information when negotiating terms with potential sponsored brands.

  • Fragmented process in community interaction. Thus, they don’t get credited afterward for any bookings. I have talked to a content creator who maintained a great viewership about the dog pictures that he shared.

  • In addition, there’s a lack of education on ways to monetize for content creators. They are great at creating content, e.g. generating 100K+ monthly views, but they are essentially by themselves without a team to help them run the operations and business development as a business.

Most of the traditional tools are built for the brands while they are less focused on the creators. Creators are responsible for generating millions and millions of Euros in revenue each year for companies around the globe through their reach. Yet an extremely low portion of that goes to the content creator itself driving those numbers. As the demand for online content on new media channels is going to rise, there comes a need to have better tooling for creators to operate like regular businesses.

Why Paak

We created from the content creator’s perspective to serve the content creator. Our mission is to empower content creators to monetize, so each one can create even more, as a sustainable business and keep doing what they love. We are passionate about content and helping mid-tier creators increase their earning opportunities. We will continue to develop products to increase booking rates and bringing more earning possibilities for content creators.

Content creators are our north star.


If you are a creator, work or know any content creators who might want to join our Beta, please sign in over here: