Funding Your Creative Work: Tip Jar & Subscriptions

Rewards & subscriptions are becoming some of the best alternatives creators have to fund their work, build meaningful relations, and form part of the creator monetization ecosystem.

As a content creator, regardless of the size of your audience, you’ll find several alternatives to receive rewards from your audience. I remembered back in 2018, YouTube just released their “Join” button enabling creators to build a private community within the platform. Many others have followed the lead, aiming to provide a new path for a creator to connect with their audience.

Since then, platforms like Twitter or Twitch empowered their audience to reward creators for their expertise, to access exclusive perks or communities, or just to say “thank you.” The “Supers or Sups” are becoming part of the creator’s monetization journey, and it’s a good way in which audiences can interact, with minimal effort, and contribute a great deal to creators.

This is one of the main reasons we added a Tip Jar to all the Paak profiles and every item within the paaks. We believe this is another way to empower creators’ audiences to engage and support their favorite creators. This Tip Jar is commission 0%, meaning we at Paak take no fees on it, and everything goes directly to the creator.

Now your audience can support you as a creator in many ways using the tip jar. It can be as a one-time contribution or a recurrent mini-subscription they can cancel at any time.

This process is seamless and secure via a quick integration with PayPal.

The Swiss Army Knife of Content Monetization

Creating more monetization options is something super important for us when building paak. A few weeks back, we announced we were launching places to eat, restaurants and bars, places to visit, tickets & tours.

With that update, we empowered every creator on our platform to share full travel experiences. Under one link, creators can share a comprehensive itinerary with their audience and earn from those recommendations.

You can read more about this here.

Paak 👉 The Creator Economy
The Swiss Army Knife of Content Monetization - Earn More with Paak 2.0
Last week we slowly rolled out to all users some pretty cool updates to the paaks. We updated the full experience so you can now earn more as a creator. @paakour mission is to empower creators like you to earn more, so you can create more. That’s the main reason why Paak is being built for content creators, by content creators…
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A few ideas on how to use paak from our creators!

The best thing about being creators working to build something awesome for creators is the community. We all love sharing and letting other creators know how to better use our tools, from a camera to a life hack.

Paak creators community is no different, we gather some of the best ways to use paak, and we share them with you:

  • Create a curated paak to match your content. 

  • Letting your audience know in the captions alongside any video that they can book the same curated experience they just saw. Share your paak link along with any YouTube video, TikTok, IG Reels, or YouTube Shorts. Even Vimeo for those who fancy 😜

  • Link in IG stories work well but also having this story in highlights by destinations.

  • Adding the paak profile to FAQs on Instagram works great. Every time someone tries to DM you asking for a travel recommendation, they will go and check your paak profile and likely book from there.

    👉 “Q: Do you have travel recommendation questions? A: Travel as I visit

  • On Podcasts: the best way a creator can monetize a podcast using @paak is via the paak profile. Podcasters can drive audiences to a paak profile, where all the travel recommendations are neatly stored and monetized.

  • On Newsletters: you can always talk about a trip and experience and add your paak individual links.

  • On Patreon, Twitter, or any other platform: every time you give a recommendation, you can share it with a paak and earn from eat no extra cost for you or your audience.